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Why are you so afraid of giving this a chance?

Because I am scared of how much I like you.


_Neil & Cobie _

Flirting, touching and being so LEGENMARRIED.

For the record I was bored and wanted something to make me smile again after being so sick the last few days.


swarkles rom-com poster <3


swarkles rom-com poster <3


Day 4 of 16: A Scene you could watch over and over
↳”Yeah. I mean, not long after that, you got together with Nora.
"And you met Kevin."
Yeah. Disaster averted.
—Disaster Averted (07x09)


Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka’s Wedding Photos

How I Met Your Mother and Text Posts 3



HIMYM Finale Table Read

I did it again. This is probably the last time I’ll upload it, so watch it before it gets taken down — again. 

Oh god. I shouldn’t’ve done that. I haven’t cried about the show since the beginning of April but now I’m in actual physical pain. Seeing them read it hurt, but especially watching Cobie and Neil. She was heartbroken. You could tell how unhappy she was with it and it breaks my heart. And just the way Neil looks at her. You can see how much they cared about these characters. This is why I will NEVER be over the finale. Barney and Robin and Neil and Cobie deserved so much more. And so did we. I miss them so much. So so much. My heart is broken all over again. Ps thank you
for uploading it!
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